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Monday, April 29, 2013

Three Apps for Thrifty Folks

Ya gotta spend money. We all do. That's okay, because it's FUN! Feel that cash just slip right through your fingers? Mhhmmm. ;)

But don't those budgets seem to burst at the seams every month? WHY do the things we love cost so much stinking money?! There are many apps and websites offering coupons and deals, not to mention scissors for good, old-fashioned coupon-clippin' fun. In my efforts to pinch some pennies, here are a few apps I have come to appreciate:

ibotta Try ibotta!
A neat spin on the rebate coupon! The coolest factor is that you can use paper coupons at checkout, then go home and use ibotta coupons to save even more. I've actually earned back all the money I paid for some products!

  • This method requires you to have a PayPal account. (You should have one anyways. PayPal is handy!)
  • Ibotta offers coupons from $.50 to $1.50 on popular products from various departments. You earn these coupons by taking polls, watching ads, writing reviews, reading recipes and trivia... Easy Peasy!
  • Once you've bought the item(s) at a participating store (41 options), simply scan the receipt and collect! Transfer the cash to your Paypal account and Ibotta will replace the used offers with new ones!

  • Bookoo Try Bookoo!
    You will never use Craigslist again. This is for those of us who are grateful for affordable, secondhand STUFF. Categories from appliances to clothing to furniture to pets. Posts for items wanted, lost and found, barter, even FREE! Who likes free? Everyone. :) Bookoo is military friendly, but not exclusive. Shop gently loved items here.

    Groupon Try Groupon!
    This is a hugely popular app, so you're probably familiar with the details. But I've gotta give Groupon a pat on the back here. My husband and I have bought groovy gifts, tried new restaurants for half the cost, got discounts at spas and salons... Groupon offers deals on resorts and getaways, concerts, gourmet items...
    Tailor the offers to your preferences.
    Gift Groupons to others.
    Earn great rewards for sharing.
    Get it. Use it. Love it. Groupon. :D

    Happy Saving!

    Liv ;)