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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Breakfast Sandwiches and Other Stuff

It's officially AUTUMN!  And I feel like I missed summer completely.  Oh well, let's gear up for the holiday season around the corner.

Since my hubby works out for an hour every morning, I want him to have some solid breakfast with his coffee.  Here are a few snapshots of my breakfast sandwich batch for freezing :::

I considered scrambling (instead of frying) the eggs before cooking... maybe next time.  Salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper - yummo!  The English muffins are just $1 at my Aldi, making these sandwiches even more cost effective.  Sharp cheddar cheese and black forest ham at the request of my hubby.  But there are so many options, of course!

Straight from the freezer, we nuke them for about 2 minutes.  Soggy bottom buns were a letdown, but it helps to put them on a paper towel when microwaving.  I suppose you could bake them in the oven, but if time crunch is a factor, it would kind of defeat the purpose of all the prep for a fast and filling breakfast.

I love making these breakfast sandwiches, but even with just two people to feed, they're gone before I know it!  Perhaps a double batch is in order...

Just a few more photos from Sydney's nursery... I can't help myself!  Her room is the only one in the house that's really put together.

If you have a nursery in the making, and your changing table is small like mine, I highly recommend a shelf just above for hand sanitizer, wipes, small basket of diaper rash cream, etc.  We picked this one up for a quarter at a yard sale and sprayed it gray.

Time hasn't allowed the spraying of these shelves (Goodwill find), but I decided to lean my canvases on the wall instead of hanging.  Still deciding if I prefer it or not.

Upcoming dinner plans include parmesan crusted tilapia with couscous, my favorite pot of chili (recipe to come), burritos and taco rice, and grilled italian chicken with veggies and garlic bread.  Here's to eating at home!

Liv ;)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A New Home Sweet Home

It's been a long, slow process, but I do believe I can finally say we are all MOVED IN!  Hallelujah, baby!

My latest craze is freezing food.  Trying to save time and money continues to be a top priority around here.  Besides, it makes me feel totally awesome!  So far, we've got corn on the cob, breakfast sandwiches, grapes, homemade baby food, bread, marinated chicken, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, and -- next on my to-do-list -- twice baked potatoes!  Follow the links to a couple of the fabulous bloggers who inspired me.

About making homemade baby food (which, let's just say it, is just pure├Ęd fruits and veggies):  in my experience, it is messy and time consuming.  But it does save money, especially if you can get produce on sale.  I love getting my fresh food from Aldi.  Kroger (King Soopers) has great variety and usually several organic options.  I have a friend who is using her own garden harvest to can her baby food.  Genius!  Again, time consuming.  Again, cheaper and healthier.  I'm not anti-store bought baby food, but the bulk of Sydney's meals are from my tiny kitchen, and it makes me a little proud of myself.

I've also recently been introduced to Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.

Go to the store, and get one.  It does take some elbow grease, but MAN does it pick up dirt!

Here is the finished product!  Special thanks to +Kaitlin Hillen for helping me complete my hair bow holder!

This snapshot is already a month old.  I can't keep up with this growing girl!  She's already got two teeth at almost eight months old.  

That's it for now... Thanks for following!

Liv ;)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On the Road Again

Obviously, I'm the worst blogger EVER.

But I have excellent excuses!  Well, at least one.  My small apartment has grown even smaller.  The kitchen table is in my bedroom, the washer and dryer are in my kitchen, and there are buckets and boxes everywhere!  I'm hoping this packing-little-by-little method will prove to be more organized on the unpacking end of it.  This has been the longest transition to moving time.  

Oh yes, we are moving again!  The joys of being an Army wife.  This will be the fourth time I've got new house keys in less than three years.  But there are advantages, opportunities, and memories.  Advantage: moving frequently discourages hoarding habits.  Opportunity: our next move puts Hubby in position to earn his Master's degree.  Memory: our first child was born here in beautiful Colorado.

I can't believe she's already SIX months old!  Isn't she gorgeous, folks?

My next DIY project is going to organize her growing hairbow collection!  The shoebox shenanigans I've been pulling for half a year are over.  My plan is to custom design a photo collage board of sorts.

My progress so far consists of buying four 12x12 cork squares.  So I'm a slow mover- it's all good.  I promise pictures as soon as I get fabric and ribbons.  And pins.  And time.  Man...

Been trying to get back on the exercise scene.  For a while.  Two apps that have been a big motivation for me are My Fitness Pal and Skimble's Workout Trainer.  With My Fitness Pal, keep track of your calorie intake and output, set goals, connect with friends.  Skimble has so many options!  Workouts from 5 minutes to 60 minutes, choose your target area, difficulty level...  Check them out!

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Liv ;)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Memory Book Attempt #1

Keep in mind, I am an amateur of the least experience when it comes to... well, most things... but in this case, crafting.  So bear with me as I putter through this project and others to come.

Several, several weeks ago... I began assembling materials for a sweet memory book to celebrate my wonderful relationship with my hubby.  So far it consists mostly of pictures, but I did add a few mementos I had kept from our first year together.  Here is a sampling of my pages:

Wedding Toast

Honeymoon to Montreal, Quebec (space for a photo, "Montreal" and hearts cut from our tour guide map)

Notes, Letters, Poems

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Liv ;)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Long Time No Post

It's been a while since my last post!  We started packing for a move to Ohio, enjoyed some gorgeous sunshine at the park, tried a new local photographer, grilled out with friends for Memorial Day...

On moving... My hubby's new favorite thing to do is shrink wrap.  Everything.  It is pretty neat, but I'm pretty sure he would try to shrink wrap our couch if they made big enough bags.  We are trying to pack a little at a time to avoid being overwhelmed in crunch time.

At the park... SWINGS.  I love to swing at the park!  If we ever stay in one place long enough for my kids to get a swingset, it will definitely have to be big enough for mommy too.

The photographer... Hillary Landers.  We're waiting for the rest of our pictures, but the previews she posted on her Facebook page are super!  Check her out.

Memorial Day was fun!  I drove a four wheeler for the first time, and grilled fresh cut pineapple with a brown sugar glaze.  Mmmmmm!  Here is my baby girl lookin patriotic.

Also, I am trying a few new apps: Twitter (finally, I caved) (@livhurst) and Poshmark (very cool so far) (sign up with code HRXDS for a $5 credit) and Path (because you can never have too many social networking tools).  Hope to be posting more soon!

Liv ;)