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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Got Cow Juice?

When I was a kid, my dad always called milk "cow juice".  His explanation was this: squeeze oranges, get orange juice; squeeze apples, get apple juice; squeeze a cow?  Cow Juice!

So, the rep for cows' milk has become pretty damaged in recent times.  Most popularly due to the increase of hormones and antibiotics injected in cattle today.  Mass production has pros and cons, but cheaper is rarely better.  More on that by Global Healing Center.

We (Hubby, Sydney, et moi) are not allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant, but we recognize the problems with processed cows' milk.  So we are attempting a dairy purge.  Wish us luck - it isn't going to be easy!  I'm sure it will be worth it though.  As awareness grows, so do the alternative options.  Here are a few:

  • ALMOND milk - This one is for the sweet tooth!  Nice and creamy with sweet accents.  You may love this one, you may hate it.  But do try it!  
  • SOY milk - A hearty milk choice, a little thicker.   My favorite in a bowl of cereal!
  • COCONUT milk - My favorite brand is So Delicious.  It doesn't have an overwhelming flavor, and it has a nice medium consistency.  Get a $0.55 cent off coupon on the So Delicious site!
  • RICE milk - Typically pretty thin.  Probably a good choice for those used to skim or 2% (versus Vitamin D or whole milk).  Often found in a box carton, as shown here.

(Also, hemp milk and goat milk, which I've yet to try.)

Also on my dairy free grocery list: coffee creamer and ice cream!

Thanks for reading!

Liv ;)