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Friday, April 26, 2013

Nursery for Number One and Related Thoughts

Now that my Sydney Gray is 3 months old, I finally feel like my nursery is finished! I filled one wall with canvas art (with some help from my girlfriend - Thanks Britt!), one with shelves my hubby put together, and - ta da! - my first shadowbox!

I'm not a pink hater... exactly... but I wanted something un-pink for my first girl. Enter Pinterest.
Something tres chic (chevron) but not overdone (yellow and gray) found me. Unfortunately, because of our ever-imminent relocating with the Army, I didn't feel like investing time and $$ in painting the walls. Regardless, I'm satisfied!

Oh, and elephants. Still looking for an elephant piggy bank. Err... elephant... bank. You know.

In retrospect:

  • Splurge--- crib, mattress (Your baby will spend most of the first year here, so think quality.)
  • Skimp--- decor (There are sooo many DIY helps out there for the creatively challenged [me!] so don't break the bank to fill space. It's more special when you put your personal touches on it anyways!)
  • Save--- clothes (This borders on personal preference, but unless you know you are done having babies, it usually makes more sense to store the barely used clothes to pull out again.)
  • Stock--- diapers, wipes (They go fast. Fast.)
There is a lot I have yet to learn, but it's a fun ride! :)

Thanks for reading!

Liv ;)