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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hello Blog World!  Quick bio for my first post:

My name is Olivia, and I love being an Army wife and a new mommy!  I love God, my family, and coffee.  Originally from Southern Ohio, my hubby and I have lived in Colorado Springs since November 2011.  Our Sydney Gray was born in January.  She is an adorable blessing!

I'm taking timid steps toward more creative hobbies!  You should be getting a peek at my attempts on scrapbooking, mommying, cooking, et cetera.

Here are a few tidbits about me:

Music: gospel, contemporary Christian, opera, occasionally country, jazz, big band... almost anything except rap and screamo.

Movies: Romantic (not soap opera sleep arounds) Comedy (not vulgar or slapstick).  I also love The Incredibles, Meet the Robinsons, Despicable Me...

Reading: Classic Lit.  Please read The Count of Monte Cristo immediately.

Politics: It is a privilege to live in America!  I love being an Army wife, and I am super proud of my husband and the rest of the men and women in uniform.  I vote for the "lesser of two evils", the more conservative view.

Coffee: Medium to Dark Roast.  It's Folgers at home, Pike Place at Starbucks.

M&Ms: They're the new Jelly Bellies with all the crazy flavors.  Carrot cake, really?  I prefer the milk chocolate original.  Someone say b-o-r-i-n-g! ;)

Faith: I'm a Christian!  I attend church, I believe all of the Bible is true, and I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I believe each person has a soul which will spend eternity in either heaven or hell.

Cereal: Cocoa Puffs, Cap'n Crunch, Honey Bunches of Oats

Vacation: The mountains or the city.  I'm not a beach fan...  Firstly, I can't swim.  In fact, I have a bit of a phobia of drowning.  Secondly, I don't tan- I burn.  That goes for my hubby as well.  He's whiter than me, if it were possible.  SPF 1,000,000,000,000 please.

Habits: Coffee, Breakfast, Procrastinating.

Anything I missed?  Let me know!  This blog is just me, in slippers and stilettos.  Hope you enjoy.

Liv ;)